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Tower In A Box

Tower In A Box



A full line of modular T-Tops, Arches, Inflatable Boat Products, and Sun Shades possible of adapting and installing on thousands of different boat makes and models. “Tower In A Box” structures ship flat in a box and require no welding during installation. Made in the USA. | 1-800-831-8889



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Atlantic E-Store

Atlantic E-Store


Your online source for anodized aluminum marine hardware you can’t find anywhere else. Anodized pipe, clamps, arch & T-Top accessories, kayak racks, removable cranes, davit lifting accessories, and more. Free shipping in the lower 48 states. | 1-800-831-8889



Paddle Safe Strategy 2014 – 2017

Paddle Safe Strategy 2014 – 2017

Paddle craft activity is rapidly increasing as it provides a relatively inexpensive way for people to enjoy our waterways.

From information received from paddle craft dealers it is estimated that there are between 3000 to 5000 paddle craft sold annually in NSW and Paddle NSW estimates there are approximately 70,000 paddlers in the State.

Paddle craft are used in more locations than any other craft. From coastal areas to rivers and inland lakes and dams, they can navigate on open waters as well as shallow and narrow waterways.

Paddle craft are low-profile vessels which are, at times, difficult to see from other craft, are also highly susceptible to capsize and are a popular entry level craft.

For the purpose of this Strategy the term paddle craft encompasses kayak, surf-ski, canoe, stand-up paddle board, and pedal craft.




The objective of this Strategy is to promote safe and responsible use of paddle craft and this includes, among other safety issues, increasing visibility and wearing a lifejacket.

Safety messages

The key safety messages to paddle craft users are:

  1. Wear an appropriate lifejacket
  2. Increase visibility of the craft and yourself, including the use of a white light at night.
  3. Know your ability and plan your trips accordingly – paddling at times can be very physically demanding.
  4. Have the right equipment
  5. Know the boating rules
  6. Understand the conditions of your trip and plan to suit the conditions.

The general boating public also needs to be aware of the need for care and caution around these craft, with the following safety messages:

  1. Keep a proper look out
  2. Distance off
  3. Wash




Fort Lauderdale boat show site nearly ready to reveal $20M renovation



Pier 66 Marina at Hyatt Regency is set to unveil the final phase of its $20 million renovation project just before the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show begins.

Phase one of the upgrades to its yachting center is already complete and the second phase expected to be finished by Oct. 20. The new marina will accommodate 16 yachts up to 150 feet, up from six prior to the redesign.



New life jackets make safe boating season



THE Old4New lifejacket van has contributed to the Clarence Valley being part of the best boating safety result NSW has seen in more than 20 years.

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay today said the initiatives being undertaken in NSW were reaping results not seen anywhere else in the country, including the roving lifejacket van taking new style lifejackets to boat ramps across the state.





BoatingLAB Tests: Spotlights

Which light is best for boaters? Hand-held spotlights are put to the test to find out.


How We Tested
ATON Illumination
To simulate reflective aids to navigation, we built 10 red-and-white reflective targets, 2 by 5 inches each. We positioned these 100 to 200 yards from our lights at 10-yard intervals. Every spotlight returned a reflection of all 10 markers. The more powerful lights had a brighter return, but we did not measure the difference in return brightness.

Obstacle Illumination
To test how well these spots would illuminate nonreflective objects, we used international orange targets — mini footballs — and arranged them at 10-yard intervals from 100 to 200 yards away. Then we lit them up and had two sharp-eyed teenagers count the visible targets.

Beam Width
To measure how wide the useful beam was, we set our targets out 50 yards away and spread them at five-yard intervals from left to right. We aimed the brightest point of the beam at the center target and counted how many reflective and nonreflective targets we could spot with the beam’s peripheral illumination. The widest width topped 80 yards.



Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter



As the first tropical storm of the season spun up off the coast, I decided to give the Vaavud Wind Meter a whirl. Finding and installing the app was quick and easy in iTunes as well as Google Play. With the wind meter plugged into my smartphone’s headphone jack and the app running I was able to get real-time information and compare it to other Vaavud users that logged results nearby. In addition to providing accurate data, the small form factor makes the wind meter easy to carry. All in all, the Vaavud Wind Meter is an easy-to-use tool for any boater checking the weather before hitting the water., $50.00